MiniProfiler miniature roughness tester


The MiniProfiler roughness measurement instrument is the smallest currently available roughness instrument featuring a reference plane (must not be confused with similar small devices on the market having a skid pick up). The pickup and the drive are inside one housing. This device can be used with specific benefit in the production process since it is vibration insensitive due to its very small measurement loop.

A small area (1-2 mm²) of the workpiece surface can be viewed using the internal camera and the image can be saved. The crosshatch angle is calculated for honed surfaces.

This innovative instrument features the following decisive benefits:

  • small, light weight, handy
  • reference datum + skidless pickup
  • stylus easily exchangable by the user
  • software controlled stylus retraction
  • extremely small measurement loop --> vibration insensitive
  • Worldwide unique miniature roughness tester with integrated camera (option)
  • Can be operated via a PC or Smart phone (Option)
  • display
  • USB interface

Provable up to 80% cost reduction of the quality control process and thereby the production process.