Surface topography measurements

Roughness, flatness, waviness, chatter marks, thickness and surface topography measurements on custom specific workpieces. Single or series measurements with evaluation of the results.

Lead measurement

Measurement of lead structures of sealing surfaces of shafts. Evaluation of the data with protocol (Daimler 2008 specification). Calculation of lead parameters. Standard, micro and nano lead evaluation using stylus and optical methods. Chatter marks measurement and evaluation (BZR parameter).

Surface structure analysis

Discussion and interpretation of surface topography, measurement and quantification of wear, measurement of specific surface features and evaluation. We employ the most advanced mathematical procedures like FFT, correlation techniques, Wavelets.

Visual surface inspection

Tests on customer workpieces for the automated visual detection of flaws, pores, scratches, pits, scuffing, no clean up areas. Inside bores and on outside faces.

Customised set up for specific measurement tasks

For the measurement and data evaluation of complex workpieces, tactile or optical, roughness on gear flanks, thickness measurement of coatings, step height measurement and many more.

Repair and maintenance of UBM measurement units

We repair and service your old UBM measuring instruments.


We help our customers find the best suitable measurement and evaluation methods for their specific application. We carefully and with unmatched experience and knowledge investigate the existing options regarding the technical and economic requirements.